Air Cooled Chillers in Qatar

VRF & VRV System in Qatar
Central Air Conditioning System in Doha – Qatar

Central air conditioning systems are designed to circulate cool air throughout a home or building via a network of supply and return ducts. Supply ducts and registers, which are covered openings in walls, floors, or ceilings, deliver cooled air from the air conditioner to the living space. The cooled air circulates throughout the building, eventually warming up and returning to the central air conditioning system through return ducts and registers. VRF & VRV System is world famous.

Air Cooled Chillers in Doha – Qatar

VRF & VRV System in Qatar Doha

While air conditioners can help to dehumidify incoming air, in regions with high humidity or when the air conditioner is oversized, it may not be able to achieve low humidity levels. Running a dehumidifier in conjunction with an air conditioner can increase energy consumption, both for the dehumidifier itself and because the air conditioner will require more power to cool the home.

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